The web design process

Normally I follow a set pattern to design a site from initail concept to end design. HereĀ I have briefly outlined the process in four stages.

Planning: This stage starts off with a meeting and a sit down to discuss your goals and how best these can be achieved. We listen to your goals and ideas and research them carefully. We then take what we have learned and construct a plan of action.

Design: At this point we develop the chosen idea with everything from colour to typographic choices. Its all about putting in that detail that gives the design its personality and creates the finished creative design product.

Build: Now the design has been clearly developed, we put the pieces together using a variety of technologies, before testing and finally launching the site.

Manage: Once the project is finished, you have the keys, but we’re always here to help you grow and evaluate for the best possible long term results. deboss design provides maintenance and optimisation services to boost your traffic and establish your new website.

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